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A bespoke facial treatment
Treatment of the month
Treatment of the Month

The June Treatment

Rosie's Signature Two Hour Facial ✨

with a prescription mask for home use!

It is no less than 120 minutes of optimum Skin Rejuvenation…

Would you like firmer skin, your facial features to look more defined and your skin glow with freshness and luminosity?if so, this is for you!


Treatment of the Month

£129 (Save £20)

Skin Analysis Treatment


Our skin continues to change throughout the many stages of life, including pregnancy, post-partum and menopause. That’s why we strongly believe in a bespoke approach to your skincare, one size does not fit all. So when you first visit us, or if something has recently changed, our in-depth skin analysis will allow us to pinpoint the perfect skincare to give you back your glow.


Skin Analysis & Consultation

Redeemable against products or a treatment when booking when purchasing within one month on the consultation date.
£30 (30 minutes)

Bespoke Facial Treatment


Your skin is beautifully unique to you.  As we journey through life our skin is constantly changing due to many different intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Stress, hormones, menopause, environment and gut health all play a huge part in the health of our skin. 

To ensure your skin is being supported correctly through these times it will be assessed before every treatment, no two treatments are the same. A mixture of modalities will be used such as galvanic, high frequency, led light therapy, enzyme peels, algae masks and facial massage. All working along side dermaviduals Skincare to repair, restore and rejuvenate your skin.


60 Minute Bespoke Facial


75 Minute Bespoke Facial


90 Minute bespoke Facial

Includes scalp and foot massage

Rejuvology Treatment


Restore Your Mind - Revive your Glow

Rejuvology is a physical method of facial rejuvenation massage, working on the head, neck, face and upper body. Reviving facial contour and vitality of expression while supporting and improving emotional well-being.

Rejuvology is not a facial, it’s a concept and method, following a process, weaving together skills to create an outcome beyond face lifting massage combining a variety of techniques and scientifically backed therapies.

More treatment information

What is Rejuvology?

It’s a cutting-edge physical method of facial rejuvenation massage. Rejuvology goes beyond traditional facials, offering a comprehensive approach that revitalizes not only your face but also your emotional well-being.

Developed by Abigail James, who has meticulously crafted & evolved this method over 20 years of clinical practice and advanced studies, has shaped Rejuvology into an unparalleled experience for achieving youthful radiance and emotional harmony.

Benefits of Rejuvology

  • Boosting circulation to give you an instant glow
  • Stimulating lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness
  • Toning the muscles and re-contouring the face
  • Accelerating detoxification
  • Releasing muscular and facial tension for headaches
  • Helps your skincare products penetrate effectively
  • Softening facial lines Support scar tissue healing
  • Easing sinus pressure and congestion


  • Reduced anxiety
  • Feeling of relaxation
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced stress / easier to cope with stress
  • Improved self confidence
  • Increase in energy


Rejuvology Facial

£130 (75 minutes)

Rejuvology Facial with Enzyme Treatment and Skin Conditioning Mask, plus a therapeutic foot massage

£150 (90 minutes)

Add-on: Dermalux LED Light Therapy


Dermalux LED


Light Emitting Diode (LED) Phototherapy

A non-invasive treatment that targets specific non-thermal light to energise cells which triggers a cascade of bio stimulatory responses. It is scientifically proven for a wide range of indications including skin rejuvenation, acne and pigmentation to wound healing, psoriasis and pain relief.

More treatment information

What is Dermalux LED?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Phototherapy provides a non-invasive treatment aimed at specific non-thermal light. LED Light Therapy energizes cells, causing a cascade of bio-stimulating responses, scientifically proven for a wide range of indications including skin rejuvenation, acne and pigmentation for wound healing, psoriasis and pain relief, plus a must see show in Las Vegas. Well proven for its regenerative and healing properties, phototherapy does not transfer heat or create injury, making it particularly effective in treating problematic and inflammatory conditions.

Well evidenced for its regenerative and healing benefits, Phototherapy does not transfer heat or create trauma making it particularly effective to treat problematic and inflammatory conditions. With one of the highest safety profiles, it is pain free treatment without downtime and suitable for all skin types.

How does LED Phototherapy work?

Phototherapy, meaning ‘Treatment with Light’ is based on the principle that all living cells have evolved to absorb and be influenced by light. Light is a powerful energy and when applied correctly, has a significant impact on how we look, feel and perform.

The mechanism of action is a natural response similar to that of photosynthesis through a process known as photobiomodulation.

The human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself and light plays a crucial role.

The treatment involves exposing the skin to specific wavelengths or nanometres (nm) from the visible (colour) and infrared (invisible) part of the light spectrum. Wavelength selection is crucial to the success of the LED treatment as it determines how effectively the light is absorbed. It is so much more than colour choice.


Dermalux LED

This includes a double cleanse, enzyme, 30 minutes LED and finishing products.
£60 (45 minutes)

Dermalux LED Facial

This includes a double cleanse, enzyme, 20 minutes LED, face, neck and shoulder massage and finishing products.
(75 minutes)

Dermalux LED Light Therapy: Add-on to any treatment

£25 (20 minutes)

SkinPen Treatment


Jump start your collagen with no heat, chemicals or invasive injections!

SkinPen Precision is the world’s leading skin remodelling (microneedling) medical device that creates temporary small microscopic channels in your skin. This simple procedure activates your body’s natural skin-healing power to increase collagen and elastin, so your skin returns to a healthier-looking and youthful appearance.

What is microneedling good for?

  • acne scaring
  • pigmentation
  • dyschromia
  • surgical scars
  • stretch marks
  • enlarged pores
  • fine lines and wrinkles 
  • general skin rejuvenation
More treatment information

Is microneedling painful?

The feedback from the majority of my clients is that it feels more like vibration on the skin, but you may experience slight discomfort in certain areas.  A light numbing cream may be used to assure maximum comfort.

Are there any side-effects?

  • A thorough consultation is given prior to starting the treatment.
  • Side effects are minimal but can include mild shedding, looking slightly sunburned and in some very rare cases light bruising, but these usually fade within 24-48 hours, if not a few hours.
  • The area should not be exposed to the sun, tanning bed, heat, hot water or sauna for 5-7 days. It is extremely important to protect your skin with at least SPF 50 at all times. Mineral make-up can be worn to hide any redness.

How many sessions do I need?

I recommend starting with 3 treatments, but with a minimum separation time of 4 to 6 weeks between treatments, however, a consultation will help determine the correct amount customised to your skin cosmetic products.


SkinPen Microneedling

Single Course from: £220 / Course of 3: £550 / Course of 6: £1050

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