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Peels: The Lowdown

Chemical peels are fast-becoming the number one clinical skin treatment worldwide. At a fraction of the price of laser, they can significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation and blemishes with less discomfort and downtime. Just 45 minutes on my heated bed can visibly rejuvenate skin to provide a softer, smoother, more youthful-looking complexion.

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What is a chemical peel?

Medik8 chemical peels are professional-grade exfoliating acids applied to the skin with a small brush to help resurface and retexture.

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Can I just have one peel to improve my skin?

It is possible to just have a single peel, but we recommend a course of 6 to really see the long-term skin benefits. It's a little like going to the gym; you can go occasionally but the real results will come when you commit to an ongoing programme. We make starting your peel journey really easy with our Medik8 12 Weeks to WOW programme - basically 'personal training for your skin. Rosie will work with you over a 12 week* period to visibly transform your skin through a bespoke programme of in-clinic treatments and at-home care to achieve skin that really wows.

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Are peels right for everyone?

Chemical peels are suitable for almost everyone and at Medik8 we have a varied range from our Sensitive PHA Peel which is suitable for very sensitive skins right through to our mono peels which use high-strength single acids that can even be layered to target stubborn concerns. Certain skin conditions / people may be 'contra-indicated' and therefore shouldn't go down the peel route until skin is normalised. However, there are lots of other treatment options we offer.

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What's the downtime?

By definition, the application of acids to the skin may cause redness, skin flaking and mild peeling; but every skin is different. We recommend not to wear makeup for the first 12 hours post-peel to ensure the skin remains bacteria-free. You will be recommended a comprehensive aftercare routine to continue with at home to ensure your skin recovers and rejuvenates correctly. As a general rule, expect flaking from around the 3rd day post-peel for a maximum of 5 further days. You should avoid direct sun exposure during these recovery days and always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. We recommend clients go home with the Medik8 physical sun screen which is a mineral, non-nano, broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 which provides great protection and as a mineral sunscreen is very gentle on compromised skin.

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What results can I expect?

24 hours post-peel your skin will likely feel a little tight and appear slightly flushed. Within 3 days your skin will start to flake but within the week you will start to see clearer, more uniform skin tone. Over a course of 6 peels, results will be even more visibly profound. We recommend taking pictures of your progress either on your own phone or Rosie can keep a photo diary of your skins progress securely on your personal  virtual consultation card. Here we can extensively track your skin's improvement across such parameters as wrinkle depth, clarity, water content etc; dependant on the skin concern you are treating. Fascinating stuff.

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Medik8 Peels

Chemical Peel Treatments

It is essential to book a Skin Analysis and Consultation when having a Medik8 Peel at least 48 hours prior to the treatment. A patch test will be carried out in at this time.


1hr £85

A targeted formulation that helps to promote collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 


1hr £85

A brightening peel targeting sun damage, hyperpigmentation and dull, uneven skin. Helps to restore a more even and radiant complexion.


1hr £85

A powerful blend of acids that sink straight into the pores to effectively clarify and decongest the complexion. Rapidly brings blemishes under control and dramatically reduces the risk of future breakouts. 

Universal AHA

1hr £85

Suitable for everyone and any skin concern, it visible brightens, smoother and decongests and revitalises the skin. Ideal for a first time peel or to maintain results from other peels. 

Sensitive PHA

1hr £85

A new addition for extremely sensitive or redness prone skin to viable smooth skin texture and help promote stronger skin barrier. 

Eye Reveal

45mins £70

An ultra-gentle yet effective solution to target signs of ageing around the delicate eye area.

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About Medik8

Medik8 was born out of a passion to strive for better skin health and results. They arrived in the skincare industry at a time when natural skincare brands began challenging the traditional skincare market. Medik8 prides itself on being pioneers of cutting-edge technologies in skincare. They extensively research and meticulously test products to find the perfect formulation.

Medik8 seeks to create simple routines that result in healthy, ‘Beautiful Skin for Life’. Offering progressive strengths within the core ingredient areas of vitamin C and A, means customers can keep building on their results over time. Hopefully for a lifetime.